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About us

One can argue endlessly which car or mobile phones manufacturer is better, but everyone knows that the best manufacturer of metal detectors in the world is MINELAB. If you are not yet familiar with our products, we are glad to see you on our website. Obviously, you are interested in metal detection, and you are probably searching for a robust and reliable machine. Congratulations, you have come to the right place! Everyone who already had the pleasure of working with MINELAB detectors could surely confirm it.

Is this your first metal detector? 
Congratulations, and we now envy you a bit - you stand at the beginning of metal detection way, and there are many amazing and fascinating discoveries waiting for you. Now it is very important for you to choose the right metal detector, so as not to be disappointed in the process. We recommend calling or writing to our experts on metal detectors, which will help you choose the best metal detector that suits your needs.

So what are we?
Our history began when, in 1985, MINELAB Electronics was set up in Australia - an abbreviation for the "mining laboratory" („laboratory of mining industry”) - and a year later the first metal detector MINELAB GS 15000 Goldseeker was released. The success was so outstanding that over the next 2 years we sold 8,000 metal detectors of this model.

In the following decades, we became the pioneers of innovative search technologies - AGT (Automatic ground tracking), multifrequency detection technology, MPS (Multi-Period Sensing). During these years, MINELAB detectors have become popular both in Australia and abroad. Therefore, in the middle of the 90-s we developed and launched the Sovereign eXtra Sensitive (XS) - the first multifrequency detector for seeking not only gold, but also other treasures, and the one with the same operating principle, but for underwater work - Excalibur. The metal detector, which is now known as E-Trac, was released in 2000, combining all the best technology at that time - AGT ground tracking, LCD display, semi-automatic sensitivity adjustment and an updated method for double discrimination by inductance and conductivity, DoubleD coil, multifrequency. Back then it was called Explorer XS (Explorer S).

In 2005, we created the leader among the metal detectors of that time - MINELAB X-Terra. This model gained popularity and still remains popular because it combines the useful technologies of previous developments, and at the same time it has become twice cheaper (and therefore more affordable).

For the last 30 years, MINELAB has made the biggest innovation and practical contribution to this technology than any our competitor, and has brought the metalworking industry to a new level. We are certified according to ISO 9001.

And yet, why are we the best? 
The reason why we has developed and captured the international market so rapidly during these years is our attention to every user of our product. Year by year we work closely and listen to our customers to facilitate their metal detection process and help them in seeking.

For this reason, MINELAB has opened this official online store for Lithuania to be closer to the consumer and prevent them from buying fakes. The advantage of Minelab is that we have the best solution for every customer.

If you are an experienced user and are interested in new items, then you will enjoy the Equinox 600 or Equinox 800 model.

Are you looking for something reliable and are afraid to make a mistake? Take the legendary X-Terra, and you will surely like it. If you want to please the children or take your wife with you on pursuits, purchase GO-Find - the simplest metal detector in use. The website contains the metal detectors of our brand popular in Europe and accessories for them. If you get lost among the models and do not know how to choose accessories, feel free to contact our specialists!