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Code: BOX600-F300X2

Black Magnet F300X2 Fishing Magnet 2x300 kg with case BOX600


Double-sided Black Magnet 2x300 kg is an effective magnet for searching operations, made of good quality alloy of bora, iron and neodymium. It won’t be difficult now to retrieve heavy metal objects from a water body, a gorge or a well. The magnet can cope with any load at the construction or manufacturing site, or at a farm.

Huge pulling force is created by two magnets with the power of 300 kg. The magnet is supplied with rotating eye-bolt fasteners for horizontal and vertical load lifting.

Neodymium magnet has the following characteristics:

  • Endures the cohesion force with the load up to 300 kg. Has inconsiderable demagnetizing percent (not more than 2%).
  • The weight of the item 2.280 kg doesn’t require the usage of any additional loads for water submersion.
  • For securing the rope or the cable, a durable hardware eye-bolt is provided.

The fishing magnet will be able to hold the object found in the depth, and will allow its safe transition to the solid ground. Double-sided Black Magnet 2x300 kg makes it possible to fish out of the water any big-sized metal objects like armoring, safes, World War II weapons.

Searching magnet is multifunctional. With its help it’s easy to collect metal junk on your property after the house construction or demolition, to move objects in space (requires adjusting the magnet first), to retrieve the objects made of ferromagnetic alloys from hard-to-reach places.

On the fields and in vegetable gardens the searching magnet will help to collect metal junk which is harmful for field equipment and interferes with cattle feeding.

Searching operations will always be effective with the neodymium magnet. You can purchase the original magnet Black Magnet 2x300 kg in our store.

Would you like to buy a 2-in-1 search magnet with the option of simultaneous search for two objects (up to 300 kg each)? Just make an order and our consultant will contact you.  


  • Keep search magnets away from electric equipment. 
  • Magnets can hurt your fingers while pulling objects. 
  • Magnets can be used by kids only under the supervision of adults.


"BLACK MAGNET" Fishing magnet storage case F300-F600X2 (235 x 188 x 146 mm)


  • External size: 279x228x153 mm.
  • For magnets: F300, F300X2, F400, F400X2, F600, F600X2.
  • Maximum magnet diameter: 140 mm.
  • Maximum length of magnet with side bolt: 200 mm.
  • Maximum side ring diameter: 55 mm.
  • Maximum magnet's height: till 110 mm.
  • Weight: 1,20 kg.


Type Magnet with case
Adhesion 2x300 kg
Diameter 97 mm
Size 279x228 mm
Height 153 mm
Length 23.5 cm

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