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Black Magnet F200X2 Double-sided Fishing Magnet 2x200kg


In the situations where you need to lift heavy metal objects, a neodymium magnet with a maximum adhesion force of 200 kg Black Magnet 200 kg will surely help you.

Huge pulling force is created by two magnets with the power of 200 kg. The magnet is supplied with rotating eye-bolt fasteners for horizontal and vertical load lifting.

The magnet of great attractive force is ideal for the beginners in metal and treasure hunting, as well as for experienced prospectors. With the help of this neodymium magnet, it will be possible to collect cast iron, steel, and other metal objects from agricultural land, reservoirs, homestead territories and industrial zones.

Black Magnet is a choice of those whose profession is related to the search for the items of WWI and WWII or of more ancient times. Cannon balls, swords, small arms and minor guns are easily detected under a layer of earth via the magnet for field conditions.

Farmers choose retrieving magnet to clean pastures and fields. This will save animals from injury, and equipment - from damage.

The retrieving magnet will cope with the task in the conditions of both high and low temperatures. Dirt and oil will not be an obstacle for lifting the load and holding it.

By purchasing the underwater magnet, you will be able to carry out high-quality exploration of the depths of a river or a lake. To extract the fallen objects from the well, you will only need a few minutes. The main thing is to firmly secure the rope or cable of the desired length to the provided hardware ring.

Black Magnet 2x200kg will become a profitable acquisition on an industrial and domestic scale. Adhesion reliability is guaranteed by the manufacturer. The most important warning is to keep fingers and hands away from falling between the magnet and heavy iron objects.

Would you like to buy a 2-in-1 search magnet with the option of simultaneous search for two objects (up to 200 kg each)? Just make an order and our consultant will contact you.  


  • Keep search magnets away from electric equipment. 
  • Magnets can hurt your fingers while pulling objects. 
  • Magnets can be used by kids only under the supervision of adults.


Type Magnet
Adhesion 2x200 kg
Diameter 75 mm
Height 35 mm
Weight 1200 g

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