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6 mm x 20 m Rope for Search Magnet "Black Magnet"


A reliable search magnet cord is a must-have for successful searching operations at the bottom of water bodies, in the wells, caves or on construction sites. The rope has a two-component braiding which allows the weight capacity up to 500 kg. 

A cord for magnets from a Latvian brand Black Magnet is the choice of real search professionals. It is so because the manufacturer of search magnets knows for sure what a rope should be like:

  • the braiding consists of nylon threads, 
  • it is highly durable,
  • it doesn’t get tattered with multiple uses.

The cord is practically non stretch, has high wear resistance and is able to endure heavy weights. A small diameter, flexibility and smooth texture makes it convenient for tying the knots of different types and different complexity degree. 

A rope for a search magnet is ideal for moisture since polypropylene is resistant to moisture, decay and mould. Special components, that the cord material is treated with, allow it to maintain resistance to UV radiation and chemical solvents.  


  • use: for magnets from 200 up to 400 kg;

  • rope material: polypropylene;

  • breaking load: 500 kg;

  • diameter: 6 mm;

  • length: 20 m;

  • number of core threads: 7;

  • number of braiding threads: 32;

  • latch hook material: stainless steel 304 SS;

  • latch hook size: 40х80 mm.


A durable professional cord for a search magnet is a wise investment. 


Type Rope
Max. load 500 kg
Diameter 6 mm
Length 20 m
Latch hook 40x80 mm, 304 SS
Material Polypropylene, PP

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